Our Ingredients

We make our treats from the freshest ingredients. Organic whenever possible. No artificial colors or preservatives.

The best quality,
hand-made with love

Our treats are never frozen, and are shipped with temperature controlled packaging to ensure the best possible quality and taste from our kitchen until they arrive at your doorstep.

Fresh Meat

Each of our products contains about 70% of fresh meat. The only other ingredients used are egg protein, vegetables and agar agar.

Delicious, <br>Fresh Meat

Agar Agar!

A gelatin derived from algae, agar agar is the base of our glazes. It is a true gift from nature that promotes joint health and a healthy metabolism.

Agar Agar!

Colors As Bright As Nature

Our colors are made strictly from freshly squeezed organic vegetables, organic coconut milk, or organic squid ink. As we only use the freshest ingredients, colors may vary by season.

Colors As Bright As Nature

With a Little Bling

Why not treat your dog to something special? Real gold adds the perfect touch to our cakes’ look, and is an inert material that is perfectly safe to consume.

With a Little Bling

About us

We started MISHKA in 2018 in San Francisco, because we believe that our dogs should eat as healthy as we do. From our flagship boutique, we serve hundreds of happy customers – and their happy dogs – across the Bay Area. Our online store brings delicious, healthy and unique treats to dogs nationwide. To us, your pet becomes part of our family, and we will always treat them as such.

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