Signature MISHKA Cakes Set

Signature MISHKA Cakes Set


Our Signature MISHKA Cake Set includes four of our most popular styles: our signature Heart Cake, our MISHKA Logo Cake, a fun Pineapple Cake, and our MISHKA Love Cake.

For the cakes’ filling, you can choose the protein your dog likes the most: beef, turkey, lamb, or chicken. The colors of your cakes will be selected by our chef, depending on what vegetables are freshest at the time of preparation.  Each cake weighs approximately ¼ lb.

All MISHKA Cakes are handmade from human grade, all natural ingredients. We never use artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible and seasonally available. The delicate glaze is crafted from freshly squeezed, seasonal vegetable juices and agar agar (derived from algae), which has proven health benefits for your dog. 

And yes, that is real gold on your MISHKA Cakes! The gold is inert and completely safe for your dog to consume – we just feel your dog deserves a little bling in their life!

Packaging & Shipping
Your Signature MISHKA Cakes Set will be shipped in custom made packaging, including a beautiful display box. Because we never freeze our MISHKA Cakes, cooling packs are included in each package to ensure they arrive fresh at your doorstep. 

Storage & Preparation
Please be sure to refrigerate all products as soon as you receive your MISHKA Cakes. MISHKA Cakes are good for 7 days after preparation. For best results, remove the cakes from your refrigerator 20 minutes before serving, and cut them into bite-sized slices for your doggy. Enjoy!

Due to the perishable nature of our products, returns are not possible. If something is wrong with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to make things right.